Gudni Gudnason's Bio

Dr. Gudni Gudnason

Modern Mystery School - Founder & Head Teacher

As time moves on and the mysteries are taught in secrecy to those who are found worthy of these teachings, some of these individuals are sent out into the world to teach, under another flag, but in essence the same teachings. One such individual was Gudni Halldor Gudnason von Thoroddsen. After studying with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in England for several years, Gudni was sent out into the world to teach. He was trained as a world teacher and he does indeed teach all over the world. He has trained in many other mystery schools such as Tibetan, African, Transylvanian, Japanese mystery schools and he has had initiations into many different mysteries such as Celtic, Norse and Egyptian.

For over twenty years Gudni was taught directly from the Masters of the Mysteries and he now shares this with all those who choose to explore this arena. He celebrates over 33 years of teaching, a remarkable career in true service to humanity. Gudni moved to America in 1995 to take over the Modern Mystery School (previously called the Rocky Mountain Mystery School), originally anchored in North America, and now world-wide. He has worked rigorously on spreading the mystery school tradition all over the world and has affiliated centers now all over the United States, Japan, Canada, England, Ireland, Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Dubai and indeed there are such centers in 22 countries around the world, in 5 continents.

Gudni "Ged" was born in northern 'Viking lands' of Iceland and was initiated into the lineage of King Salomon with priesthood powers from high Priest Melchizedek, (this was done in the Great Pyramid of Giza) Guardian of the Secret of the Holy Grail and authorized to do the work by the HIERARCHY of LIGHT in all manner with the highest powers given to a human. He shares his knowledge with humor and an easy-going attitude, allowing the students to explore and test the tools of power. If they do not work for the student he directs them to another tool and helps them explore more depth of the Mysteries. His teachings are that we are each our own teacher, and that all the answers we seek are within our selves. As a Guide in the Hierarchy of Light, Mr. Gudnason helps his students by presenting to them the keys to unlocking their own personal powers. How and if they do that is then up to them and it is with much patience that he awaits the moment of their awakening and then enlightenment.

Mr. Gudnason has been teaching the KABBALAH since 1976 and was trained first by a Rabbi in the traditional Jewish Kaballah and later in Universal Kaballah by the original Order of the Golden Dawn. His accomplishments are so many that there is not space on these pages to count them. He has truly shown that by living a good spiritual life and adapting the tools of the Mystery Schools and Metaphysics in your life you will have success in any field of your choice. He himself has excelled in Painting, Sculpting, Poetry, Writing Books, Sports, Martial Arts, Humanitarian Work, Film (as a stunt man), Dance, Philosophy, Psychology, Archeology, Sociology, Mythology and many other disciplines of humans. His resume sounds too good to be true, as it shows the life span of several people put into one lifetime, that of Mr. Gudnason’s short 50 years (2008). He has truly shown that True Spiritual life can work and bring happiness and success to oneself and others and that in this life we can reach our full human potential and realize our Godliness in the physical. His tools have benefited many now on this planet and many have seen the wonders of the spiritual life and are now seeking this in their lives. Mr. Gudnason continues his work of empowering others, helping them realize that they have all the answers within themselves and he moves them with a gentle hand towards perfection of their being so that they can have joy and abundance in their lives.

Mr. Gudnason has lived and studied all over the world but he now lives with his wife and two cats in Tokyo, Japan were he enjoys the elegant and perfect seeking lifestyle of the Japanese. He hands down the sacred tradition with passion and humor, and Mr. Gudnason observes with pride as these students become the masters and go on to further the work all over the world.