Theresa Bullard


Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Theresa has a Ph.D. in Physics and has deeply explored the Ancient Teachings of Metaphysics and Spiritual Mastery. Her Mission is to bridge age-old esoteric teachings and methods with the cutting edge energy, science, and technology of today, thereby helping to improve the quality of life on this planet. Her work comes at a critical time in history as Quantum Physics now aligns with much of what has traditionally been considered Spiritual Mysticism.

Theresa specializes in the areas of Science, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Alchemy, and Kabbalah. Through her own lifelong journey of personal transformation and her keen interest in the ancient mystery traditions, she has been trained since 2001 as an advanced initiate, teacher, and healer within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light in the lineage of King Salomon. In 2004 Theresa was certified through the Modern Mystery School to teach the Universal Kabbalah worldwide, and she is has also been one of their Senior International Instructors teaching various advanced training workshops in countries like Brasil, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the USA.

Through her teaching and healing services, Theresa has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life transform their lives and awaken to their potential. She has a gift of delivering a wealth of knowledge and information in a clear, simple, eloquent way that leaves each student feeling inspired and empowered. Her passion, diversity, balance, and ability to bridge worlds create a unique blend of strengths that distinguish her as an exceptional trainer, healer, and leader.