Kabbalah, Money, Prosperity, and You

Kabbalah, Money, Prosperity, and You

Verla Wade


There are some very obvious changes taking place in the spiritual movement within the areas of prosperity and abundance.  Many people that I have been working with as clients, and also many friends, are finding themselves either at the edge of their financial limits or suddenly breaking through and realizing powerful truths about their willingness and ability to be financially abundant as well as spiritually rich.  And nearly everyone I am talking with desires to generate more money so that they can use it as a resource to create a positive impact in the world


There are two basic types of creative energy, masculine, and feminine, and they both create differently.  In Kabbalistic terms, the masculine energy is called force, while the feminine energy is referred to as form.  When these energies and balanced and creating from a positive, empowered place, masculine creates by initiating and feminine creates from a more receptive place, and financial abundance flows.  When these energies are out of balance they can be demonstrated in the following way: a person with strong feminine energy will wait passively, achieving very little except becoming increasingly financially constrained; while another person with strong masculine energy will work very hard and keep very busy doing a great deal, except that it is not what they really want to do - they are simply doing to please someone else.  In both of these situations, the financial abundance will not flow because there is no sense of worth and no honoring of your own specific talents or spiritual calling.


The Kabbalah offers numerous keys to financial and spiritual abundance.  The first key is the recognition that we each need to express our own unique talent.  We need to create out of ourselves.  An apple tree cannot produce grapes.  If we attempt to be like someone else, or use energies that are not inherently ours, we will fail.


The second key is to know that all life seeks to nourish itself.  Love is our original food.  Without it we die.  Food is our next source of nourishment and money is simply another source of nourishment.  The way we handle it, reject it, only allow a little of it to come in at a time, never have quite enough, or only just enough so that there is none left over for us, demonstrates how willing we are to receive love.  It is time we view money and prosperity in a new way, allowing ourselves to receive it graciously, the same as we receive the air we breathe.


The third key has to do with the key ingredients of creating wealth and prosperity.  These include health and happiness, a strong foundation, a balance between the mind and emotions, beauty, strength, compassion, caring and sharing, leaning, understanding, wisdom, and balance.  Each of these form aspects of a healthy, strong, empowered, and balanced individual.  And each of these is represented by one of the 10 Sephiroth on the Tree of Life.


Kabbalah’s fourth key is the blueprint for creation called the Pattern of the Four Worlds.  It teaches us how to tap into the very source of the flow of creation energy.  An ancient technique used by King Salomon to create his wealth, it is said to be the same pattern that God used to create us and this universe.  In this process you access inspiration from the creative force (called God or simply the Light).  You then work with the angelic realms as you receive inspiration and ideas, develop thoughts, make plans, and finally move into action.  This pattern for creation is encoded in each of us.  While it is simple and elegantly straightforward, most people consistently skip one of the four main steps.


The Kabbalah also highlights numerous attitudes you have to change in order to become fully abundant and make a positive impact with your money.  Included in these are: 

  1. The idea that abundance that is your birthright as a divine being on the path toward enlightenment
  2. Understanding that money is not separate from you, but is part you  
  3. Learning how to create and utilize money is an integral part of your spiritual learning.
  4. The realization that money is not yours to control – it is just yours to manage and share with the world
  5. It is imperative that you view money as energy that can be transformed into love


All of life seeks to create and express itself according to its own kind.  Because each one of us is unique, we produce fruits according to the quality of our life, which provide benefit for ourselves and others.  We are each here to discover our own fruits and to offer them as a part of our life purpose, which assists everyone.  In turn, we receive the benefit of the fruits that others share with us.  Money, abundance, wealth, prosperity – these are instruments we can use to enhance the quality of life for ourselves and others.

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