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Jun 4 2017 - 10:00am
Jun 4 2017 - 8:00pm


By studying the divine geometric patterns, one learns to open themselves to deeper understandings and universal wisdom. The Sacred Geometry Series of classes taught through the Modern Mystery School tradition give practical tools and methods for working with these divine patterns of creation and manifestation to enhance your own physical being, as well as the environment around you with sacred energy.


In Sacred Geometry II, we will explore the sacred geometries further, going deep into the mysteries of crystals and how we can enhance the spiritual energy levels within ourselves and our homes with powerful geometric forms. Crystals are used to help ground and anchor these energies into the physical for more lasting effect.


These teachings come directly from the ancient MU Text – the ancient methods of calling in unseen forces are many. In this class we will explore one of these. You will learn how to call in energies that will establish a good home and a better life.


Included is:

  • Crystal Magick for Healing and Good Fortune
  • Crystal Healing Layouts & Chant for activating the crystal's full potential
  • Crystal Readings to access Akashic Records
  • Crystal Dreaming for enhanced active dreaming and guidance
  • Crystal Magickal Forms for bringing protection, manifestation and divine energy into a home or office environment
  • Enhancing Home Geometry & Energy Flow
  • And More

You will learn modalities that you can perform for yourself or offer your clients for enhancing environment, creating greater protection, healing old and new wounds, opening doors to creative realms, and bringing profound healing and good luck.


Date: Sunday, June 4th from 10am - 8pm

Location: Mysterium Center in Los Angeles

Taught by: Theresa Bullard 

Tuition: $350 (First 5 people to register with a $150 deposit by June 1st receive an early registration price of $285 (a savings of $65))

 Audits who would like a review are welcome for a fee of $100

Space and supplies are limited, please register before June 3rd to participate.

Secure your spot with a $150 deposit.