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Oct 27 2017 - 12:00pm
Oct 27 2017 - 8:00pm

Sacred Geometry 5

Fire Soul Infusion & Activation

Friday, Oct 27th 2017  from   Time: 12pm - 8pm  Los Angeles, CA

In this class you will receive the handing down of how to perform the Fire Soul Infusion and Activation on your clients.

This session opens up the inner gates of your soul, awakening memory of your divine nature. As these gates open, awareness and perception increase. Sacred symbols that activate the "Fire Soul" are etherically woven into your energy structure. Activating the "Fire Soul" is the first step to truly awakening the Kundalini. 55 sacred geometric symbols are set into your energy field activating the following levels:

* Inter-Dimensional Connection
* Spirit Contact
* Mind - Soul Integration
* Soul Enrichment
* Clarity of Thought
* Awakened Mind
* Balance in the Body

Learn how to use this process to infuse the energy of spirit into the physical body and recalibrate the entire magnetic structure.

Date: Friday, Oct 27th 2017

Time: 12pm - 8pm

Location: Mysterium Center in Los Angeles, CA

Investment: $385 With deposit of $150 placed by Oct 12th; $450 late registration


NOTE: you must receive this session from a certified practitioner before you can take the class to have this modality handed down to you

* Price for Private Session: $250 (1 hour)


PRE-REQUISITES: Sacred Geometry 1, Sacred Geometry 2, Sacred Geometry 3, Sacred Geometry 4, Empower Thyself, Healer's Academy 1, and are currently certified and actively progressing on the path of higher trainings with the Modern Mystery School, and you must have received this Sacred Geometry 5 Healing by the date of this class.


To Register, and/or for more information please contact:

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