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Mar 22 2018 - 7:00pm
Mar 22 2018 - 10:00pm


Healing the Divine Feminine & Masculine Within


with Theresa ~Ibis~ Bullard

Thursday, Mar 22nd, 2018  7:00pm - 10:00pm  @  Mysterium Center in Los Angeles

Open to All, Registration begins at 6:30pm

The ancient Egyptians were masters at living life full of passion, joy and abundance.

Originating directly from the The Great Central Sun and the Family of Ra, they integrated their spirituality into their daily life and created a highly prosperous society that thrived for millennia. We can once again re-awaken this mastery and wisdom in our own lives through connecting with the magick and inner alchemy of the ancient Egyptians.

These evenings will give you an opportunity to authentically experience direct connection with the divine archetypes, gods, and goddesses of the ancient Egyptian Tradition. Through this you can awaken their wisdom in your life.

Connection with these beings and their archetypes of creation will help you:

- Bring more happiness, joy and passion into your life
- Re-ignite your enthusiasm for life and remember how to live it to it's fullest
- Activate the flow and energy of abundance to better manifest in your world
- Refill your cup and awaken greater creativity and inspiration from the Rays of Creation
- Be uplifted by highly positive energy that will reignite your motivation and sense of purpose
- Experience a sense of true beauty, sacredness, and appreciation for life
- Access a state of consciousness beyond ordinary awareness for greater peace and inspiration
- Gain insight into the greater meaning of why you are here and how you can manifest your full potential
- Raise your vibration, purify your mind, and transform your soul, through true inner alchemy
- Flow sacred energy into your life and the lives of those you touch

Each night will explore our connection with a different deity from the Egyptian Hierarchy of Gods and Goddesses, and the archetype or energy of creation that they can awaken within our lives.


This Egyptian Magick Night Will Include a Water & Fire Ceremony

Celebrating the Spring Equinox


An Ancient Egyptian Rite for Healing & Harmonizing Male and Female Energies



Both men and women are suffering on our planet today, and it is time to shift the imbalances that cause us pain and conflict. In order to create a society of balance, harmony, and unity, we must first heal ourselves and our relationships with one another.

Through this evening's teachings and ceremony, conducted by High Priestess of Egyptian Magick, Theresa ~Ibis~ Bullard, you will:

  • Awaken a sense of Dignity, Respect, Love, Acceptance, and Confidence within.
  • Experience deep healing of your inner and outer relationships with feminine and masculine energies.
  • Connect to the Divine God and Goddess Archetypes from the Family of RA.
  • Become a vessel for more light, love, and power to flow through you into your life.
  • Learn some of the ancient Egyptian mystery tradition teachings on how to achieve Divine Union.
  • Experience divine beauty within yourself and come to a deeper state of self-acceptance and healing.
  • Share in a community experience to shift from duality to unity and bring healing to all men and women on this planet.

This evening experience is open to all men and women who are ready to be a part of the solution and who are ready for healing.

The evening will also include an introduction to Egyptian Magick, as well as a guided meditation prior to the ceremony.



Join the Modern Mystery School community of Southern California, as we re-awaken these archetypes in our lives and our world.

Date: Thurs, March 22nd, 2018

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm (Registration begins at 6:30pm)


$45 if pre-paid via PayPal by March 21st (to ibis_avl@yahoo.com), or $60 at the door day of.

Secure your spot with a $45 payment via Paypal using this link.   

RSVP Required. Everyone is Welcome. We hope you can join us.
Space is limited, please Register to reserve your spot.

Pre-Requisites: None - all are welcome, advance RSVP is required to attend.

Location: Mysterium Center, Los Angeles

12444 Venice Blvd. Unit #12476 (2nd floor, first door at top of stairs), Los Angeles, CA 90066

Located in the business center at the corner of Venice Blvd and Wasatch Ave, one block from Centinela, in the same center as the Bike Repair shop, Dentist, and Siam Chan Thai Restaurant. Free parking in lot or on surrounding residential streets.


To Register please contact:

Email theresa@mysteriumcenter.org