Universal Kabbalah Classes and Workshops



An Introduction to Kabbalah

The Universal Kabbalah, meaning “to receive” or “that which is received,” serves as a simple system of understanding yourself & of reconnecting to the Divine spirit and the Divine essence within. Passed down through the ancient mystical traditions yet independent from any specific religion, it helps you answer all the important questions that you need to ask in life, and it acts as the most powerful tool on the planet for manifestation, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Through the Kabbalah you come to “Know Thyself” more fully, the gates of the soul open up, the true self becomes revealed, and the inner lights of hope, passion and inspiration come alive. Learn about this powerful tool and how it can enhance your life. Join us for this informative talk.



We are the Tree of Life – it is the glyph of our very DNA. It is one of the most esoteric and yet practical systems for expanding our consciousness and unfolding our spiritual gifts and awareness. Predating any religion or theology, the Tree of Life is a map of the hidden treasures encoded within your soul. Using the Tree, you can access knowledge, understanding, and wisdom within, revealing treasures and wonders to enhance and fulfill your life.

In working with the Tree we discover simple, direct ways of experiencing our own Being. The miracle of the Tree of Life is that it transforms us from a false and imbalanced state to our real and eternal Spirit. Join us for an evening exploring the Tree of Life.



In the last few years, the Kabbalah has come to the forefront of our consciousness, with many well-known people studying, singing, and talking about it. A mystery tradition, Kabbalah is intended for those who seek a spiritual adventure, rather than just knowledge. The Kabbalah is a system of personal development that enables us to reach our highest potential. The ultimate experience of Kabbalah is Divine Union.  

The Password and first injunction of the ancient Mysteries was ‘Know Thyself’. Through the magic and mysticism of the Kabbalah, the ancient doors and gates are again opened to each of us. Join us as we explore why Kabbalah has re-emerged at this time in history and how it can provide the keys to enrich your life. Join us for this stimulating and informative talk.



In this experiential lecture we reveal the concepts of the Kabbalah that raise the fundamental vibration within the human soul, and bring it through the transformations of the alchemical phases of Nigredo (Black Phase) to Rubedo (Red Phase). This helps us to harness and complete the perfection of Adam Kadmon, the divine state of human being, long sought after by Kabbalists and Alchemists. In the ancient texts, Kabbalah is described as the "Mind of the Great Work" or the "Mind of God". These are the essential teachings that make the Philosophers Stone work and help each of us become the "Adam Kadmon," the perfected being who can return the human race to the Garden of Eden or Heaven on Earth. Kabbalists are dedicated to this basic teaching and seek to make themselves examples of its potential. We will guide you through the first steps of this process and provide the fundamental tools that work for both the layman as well as those who are advanced on the path. You will learn traditional workings such as Kabbalistic Rituals, Mantra Meditation, Techniques of Hermetic Alchemy, and more. Special exercises will be introduced so participants can directly experience the Seven Rays of the Tree of Life and gain a deeper appreciation of the ancient alchemy of the Kabbalah.



Alchemical Creation through Numbers, Letters, & Sounds

The hidden alchemy of the Kabbalah is revealed in this dramatic presentation. One of the secret books of the Bible that was declined by Emperor Constantine was the Sepher Yetzirah (The Book of Formation - how the world was really created). To kabbalists, this is a major work of knowledge that shows the alchemical creation of the universe and proves that the beginning is formed by the three mothers of life: Numbers, Letters and Sounds. The secret details of this book are illuminated, including the handing down of practical applications that help you harness the hidden creational powers of the Ensofic Ray or the first vibration of creation!




A 10-month Series of Ascending the Tree of Life 

In this program you will learn the basics of Kabbalah, have the Tree awakened in your soul and energetic field, and participate in a transformational and empowering journey of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

The Universal Kabbalah is a simple system of understanding yourself and of reconnecting with God and the God essence within. By awakening energies, creating thought patterns of pure manifestation, and opening the gates of the soul, Kabbalah will help you answer all the important questions that you need to ask in life. It is the most powerful tool on the planet for manifestation, self-discovery, and empowerment. This efficient, expansive, and integrative system will take you as far as you want to go with it, enhancing all aspects of your life and helping you become more fulfilled, abundant, balanced, and alive! Through the use of archetypal principles, the study of Kabbalah reveals the profound mystery of human purpose. With this you come to the realization of who and what you are, fulfilling the ancient decree: Know Thyself!

The Universal Kabbalah has come to us from the Ancient of times and indeed has been with us from the beginning of human history on this planet. The Universal Kabbalah is pure in the sense that it is free of dogma. Kabbalah means to hand down or to receive. It is the tradition of having knowledge handed down to us from a higher source, such as God. Through practical techniques handed down from teacher to student, the spiritual unfoldment of the individual is realized.

Deciphering the ancient sacred geometric glyph of the Tree of Life, Kabbalah moves us into a new way of thinking, opening gates to hidden dimensions of understanding and awareness. This glyph is comprised of ten spheres (Sephiroth) of influence, which represent the map of the universe, including all aspects of God, and a map of the Self. The Tree of Life is the DNA and it is truly the instruction manual for life. In ascending the Tree, the blueprint of life itself is explained and influenced so that we can fully transform ourselves inside and out.
The Kabbalah is a system for expanding our consciousness and awareness and for accelerating our growth. This system is based on the fact that knowledge about all things and the answers to all questions are to be found within each of us. The most important thing to living a fulfilled life is to be able to find and ask the correct questions.

The Kabbalah will help you answer these very important questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Where am I going?
  • What is my purpose?

CLASS OVERVIEW This series of classes is formed so that the student will Ascend the Tree of Life within One Year and have the Tree engraved into their aura so that it becomes ALIVE for the ascendant. The student will learn the basics of Kabbalah and by the completion of the ascension process may call him/herself a Kabbalist. In order to receive the full benefit of this class, it is recommended that the student study the material thoroughly and do the assigned work. A recommended reading list will be discussed in the first class. The ascensions are conducted as follows:

1. KABBALAH I (2-day class)
  • Introduction and Basics of the Kabbalah
  • Ascension into Malkuth, the first part of the Tree of Life
2. KABBALAH II (1-day class)
  • Ascension into the next four parts of the Tree of Life: Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tiphareth
3. KABBALAH III (1-day class)
  • Ascension into the next two parts of the Tree: Geburah, Chesed
  • This step takes us to the most difficult part of the Tree, and finishing this gives strength
4. KABBALAH IV (3 day class)
  • Final ascension into the Supernal Triad of the Tree of Life, The Highest and Holiest of the Tree
  • Crossing of the Abyss, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether, and thereby entering the Glory of God
  • The last class is held in a retreat setting where we can be isolated and totally concentrate on the last ascension
  • This is a Holy Moment and brings much light to one’s existence

NOTE: 11 Monthly study groups are offered in addition the series of four ascension classes. Your participation in these is strongly recommended as they provide healing and further support for your integration of the Tree.

Pre-Requisites: Empower Thyself Initiation & Life Activation


Adept Level I

This initiation is for those who desire to be true and effective agents of positive change and growth (Seekers of Light). Traditionally reserved for the select few, this initiation is a gift of empowerment passed down through the ages in a direct and unbroken lineage from King Salomon. Among our predecessors are some of the greatest innovators, leaders, artists, inventors, and people of power that have left their mark in our world.
If you hunger to make a difference in this world, this initiation will equip you with the extra edge to be an accomplished leader and catalyst for progression. We are all born with the potential to be leaders. Many of those who fully actualized their potential were empowered to do so through physical initiation into the ancient mystery traditions.

Now, with the tools handed down through this ancient Kabbalistic lineage, the technology to transform your life and enrich the lives of others is available to the sincere aspirant.

Will you choose to be different?  Will you choose to stand next to those giants whose names will be remembered for all of history?

If you are ready to consecrate your life towards serving a higher purpose, manifesting your greater potential, and harnessing your innate gifts to making this world a better place, then we invite you to submit your name and request to be initiated.
Once accepted, you are prepared to receive initiation through a two-day intensive training that delivers the foundational teachings of the ancient mysteries.
Through this initiation you will:
  • Come to Know Thyself
  • Awaken to Hidden Knowledge
  • Connect more fully with Spirit    
  • Gain greater protection in the Light 
  • Understand the true power and meanings of words    
  • Learn techniques of spiritual and physical empowerment   
  • Expand your capacity tenfold to manifest and flow energy     
  • Align more fully with the Universal flow of Creativity and Abundance


The teachings given for this initiation create a pattern of living that will empower you to master yourself and create change in the world. It is important for the seeker to enter the mysteries with an empty cup, or beginner’s mind, in order to see beyond the veils of prior conditioning. Through this process you will learn how to quiet your mind so that the heart can be heard. Only with a Quite Mind and an Illuminated Heart can you do TRUE SERVICE to humanity.

Entering the Mysteries can and will push your buttons and make you jump, make a leap of faith, if you will, but move you must in order to increase the quality of your life and be consciously at cause in this world. In order to reach your highest potential and to reach a goals you have never reached before, you must do things you have never done before!

The keys we hand down the from the ancient mysteries of the Salomonic lineage will help you with all these things and will bring you a sense of joy and fulfillment from TRUE SERVICE to humanity and the Light!

"This initiation changed my life.  It touched my heart while quenching my thirst for answers where I felt other spiritual traditions had left me still searching.  I could not have imagined what was in store for me as I prepared for the weekend and I am excited and hopeful for anyone who considers taking this step." -- Marcy Johnson, Orange County
Pre-requisite: Life Activation session with a certified Life Activation Practitioner from the Modern Mystery School

To be considered please submit your full name and birth date


An Ancient Science for a Modern World

Alchemy is the Science of the Soul, designed for achieving spiritual perfection via very specific and comprehensible steps. As one of the oldest sciences on the planet, it’s primary goals are to accelerate spiritual evolution and to aid in perfecting physical creation. Through alchemy, one’s vibration may be heightened utilizing both practical and spiritual processes, thereby clearing negative patterns and purifying the body, mind, and soul.

Two of the main pillars of western occultism are Alchemy and the practical Kabbalah. Both work with the Tree of Life, a map for creation, which shows humankind how to consciously join together with the forces of evolution and it gives individuals the opportunity to transform themselves and their world. This is about becoming a fully actualized human, known to the kabbalists as the Adam Kadmon or ‘perfected god-like human’, in all areas of one’s life.


In this class you will receive both information and practical alchemical exercises to elicit a positive vibrational transformation. Topics includes:
  • Foundation of Alchemy
  • 7 Stages of Transformation
  • Numerology
  • Alchemical Meditation
  • Kabbalistic Exercises
  • Role of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life in Alchemy
  • The importance of Alchemy in our lives today
  • The Emerald Tablet
  • The Alchemical Wheel of the 4 Worlds
  • Ritual Magick

The goal is for you to personally experience the renewed energy and amazing synchronicities unleashed by transmuting the lead of your innermost being into gold. 

Join us for this informative and experiential class.

Contact Theresa to find out more


Treading the Occult Path of Return

This is an advanced class for Kabbalists. The ten Sephiroth and the twenty-two letters on the Tree of Life are the Lights of the Divine Intelligences shining in our world.  They represent the 32 degrees of contemplation by which one’s mind is raised to the vision of the Divine Self, the Crown of the Tree of Life. 

In traditional teachings, the 22 Paths are Universal Archetypes that bridge/link the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life.  Ideally, these archetypal patterns and bridges enable us to access any level of the mind at any time to any degree we desire.  The problem is that if our bridges are blocked and not fully functional, our access to various levels of the consciousness is inhibited.

As these bridges between the various levels of consciousness become congested with outworn ideas, attitudes, and perceptions, they close down due to the fears, doubts, and multitude of hindrances that we accumulate through life.  Pathworking is a means of re-opening and clearing the bridges.  It is comparable to clearing clogged water lines, enabling the water to run more freely and more powerfully throughout the house.  (Like water, Light follows the path of least resistance!)  When cleared and activated, these become the Paths of Wisdom.

When we ascend into each Sephirah, the result is illumination, a higher form of consciousness that changes the mind, enhancing all of our perceptions.  And when we begin to more strongly bridge the different levels for even greater growth through pathworking, we institute initiation, opening ourselves to the Mysteries of Life.  We accelerate our learning through working the Paths to set the energies in motion, controlling them without being overcome by them.

What is Pathworking?
  • A powerful instrument for opening and expanding personal awareness 
  • A dynamic method of undertaking and accelerating your personal spiritual quest
  • A potent tool for those who wish to truly be the creators and heroes of their own life journey
  • One of the most effective means of developing your potential
  • A system for unlocking your inner wisdom and guidance
What you can expect to happen as you Pathwork?
  • Kabbalistic Pathworking clears the bridges between the different levels of consciousness represented on the Tree of Life
  • Activates and releases specific archetypal energies into your daily life which manifests situations in your life that bring rewards, tests, and enlightenment
  • Accelerates your spiritual development
  • Accelerates the meeting of karma and the release of your higher gifts, making it easier to manifest them into your daily life.
  • You will further develop your answers to the 5 questions, and use the Adytum of the Soul to define who you are and what your purpose is in life
  • You develop your own light to shine out from you, instead of seeking some light to shine down upon you!
Some Pathworking Benefits:
  • Increases enjoyment (giving the conscious mind an opportunity to relax)
  • Enhances concentration
  • Stretches and improves the imagination
  • Awakens hidden skills, ideas, and inspirations
  • Stimulates greater self-control
  • Awakens dormant and untapped resources of the mind
  • A facing of oneself on all levels
  • Enhances each individual’s ability to recognize and complete their Great Work
A Word of Caution:
This class is not for the faint of heart or weak of will!!! Thus, it is an invitation only class. It takes commitment and determination to succeed at pathworking and to finish the journey, no matter what obstacles may arise. Through its entirety, this program is a 2-year process that meets approximately once a month to once every three months, depending on the readiness of the group to advance to the next level. This is truly an alchemical journey of the soul, and the final result is self-realization and self-revelation. This IS the Great Work, and if you take up this challenge, your life will undergo a total revolution.


  • Kabbalah Ascension Series
  • Empower Thyself (Adept) Initiation
  • Invitation by a Kabbalah Teacher




Know Thyself

A 2nd Level Initiation into the Universal Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light


Would you like to know how to create a life filled with




and more…

…from the inside-out?


Creating such a life comes when you are living in harmony with your higher purpose and who you truly are.


But how can you do this if you do not know what that is or have accessed the wisdom stored within the depths of your being?


Your understanding and fulfillment of your purpose in life is crucial to manifesting your true wealth. It is something that is uniquely yours and that only you can bring to this world.


The Know Thyself Program and Initiation will help you access the vast tapestry of the true you – the strength that your life is built on.


This 2nd Level Initiation into the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light is now being offered as a 3-day journey of deep introspective and experiential awakening. Through it, you will be guided into the rich inner realms where you may discover the spiritual and physical potential that lies within.


If you are ready to move forward on your path of spiritual development and fulfillment of life purpose, we invite you to join us for this amazing three-day journey and initiation.


The focus is on knowing yourself at a deep level to gain greater clarity, insight, direction, and confidence for pursuing your life’s work.


Be inspired to create the life you were born to live
and fulfill your mission on earth


When you do, then shall you manifest your abundance and find true joy and meaning in life.


This program is open to anyone who has received the Healer's Academy initiation through the Modern Mystery School lineage.