Kabbalistic Healing


The tree of life is the most powerful expression of god that we have access to. It’s the very DNA of the human body.  Learn how to access and control the energies on the tree of life to actually change the way your life looks and feels.  This healing activates the tree within you and awakens the creative potential stored within your body.  Once connected to your center you’re vastly more capable of co creating your world in alignment with the Will of God.

This healing is good for anyone along any spiritual path, anyone in Kabbalah, or wanting connection with Jesus.  This healing is very heart centered and penetrates at a core level.

The space the healing takes place in is very specially prepared. A virtual temple is created as the world of spirit is called in.

Some benefits of the Kabbalistic Healing:

•    infuse the power of love into your being which is the ultimate power of the universe

•    brings you into your true center and connects you with the Christ conscious

Room Set Up 1.5 hours –see description of the room set up below         
                     Session Duration 1.5 hours             Cost for the Session $_________