Hermetic Astrology Reading

Hermetic Astrology Reading

Clearing and Activating Your Life Path

Hermetic Astrology was created 6-7000 years ago and is based on the 13 Houses of the Soul and how they affect our daily lives.  The 13 Houses of the Soul are an energy system that affects all parts of the Human experience.  In a Hermetic Astrology Reading the reader “sees” thru the veil and receives information that has to do with the Cosmic Soul – the eternal part of us that is in constant service to our needs!  With the information received in the reading the client can begin to control and utilize these energies for their benefit.

A Hermetic Astrology Reading is unique in that it can give you the keys to harness both the planetary influences in your life, as well as the other energies in the Universe that affect the human condition.   A big bonus is that both the information received in this reading, as well as the energy that is harnessed during the reading, work together to rebalance and heal the client’s energy field.

These readings are particularly helpful in working with the New Paradigm energies, since Hermetic Astrology looks at the human as a multidimensional being from the moment of conception and can give information needed to realign with life work.  

Investment: $250 for one session

Special Introductory Offer:  $50 for one session 

when purchased with Hermetic Rebalancing 3- Session Package

Total Investment: $550

($750 value)




To schedule your Hermetic Astrology Reading, please contact:

Verla Wade   @   206-781-3390   or   verlawade@gmail.com