Fire Soul Infusion & Activation

"Fire Soul Infusion & Activation"

Level 5 Sacred Geometry Healing  


This session opens up the inner gates of your soul, reminding you more of your divine nature. It is a physical activation that helps integrate your mind and body more fully. As these gates open up, awareness and perception may be increased. Sacred symbols that activate the "Fire Soul" are etherically woven in to your energy structure. Activating the "Fire Soul" is the first step to truly awakening the Kundalini. The sacred geometric symbols that are set into your energy field activate various levels including:

  • Inter-Dimensional Connection
  • Spirit Contact
  • Mind - Soul Integration
  • Soul Enrichment
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Awakened Mind
  • Balance in the Body

This process more fully infuses the energy of spirit into the body and recalibrates your whole magnetic structure.



"This session really brought in the fire energy, I could feel an awakening of the passion to create and the energy to move forward in my day. It felt like a very physical energy and life-force. I highly recommend this session" ~Lisa Rossi (Shambala Spa owner in Brasil, and Guide with the Modern Mystery School)


Pre-requisite: None (although Life Activation Session strongly recommended)  

Regular Price for private session: $250 (1 hour)


Sessions are done in person only

To Book your session please email Theresa ~Ibis~ Bullard at (for Southern California Bookings)

or Verla Wade at (for Pacific Northwest Bookings)