Space Realization


As humans we live in an awareness of the 3D physical space.  This space has Energy that is measured by the vibrational essence of the soul that fills the width, Depth and height of that 3D space.  The volume of the space is measured by the spirit as it comes into it to be a part of the physical experience.  Most people are not aligned and in harmony with the space they live in which causes them to feel unbalanced in their own aura.  This modality creates an inter dimensional energy grid within your field that is aligned with your physical space and allows you to be in balance. 


This session is good for those who have a hard time feeling fully in their body. This modality is also good for those who are dyslectic or those who have a hard time keeping things straight in a 3D space.  It’s also geared toward those with ET soul types. Those whose soul was constructed for a different physical matrix and energetic system than that of the human make up.  It is a benefit too for those who are here for a specific purpose.

Some benefits of Space Realization:

•    realigns you with your physical space

•    realigns the orientation of the auric field with the 3D physical body

•    makes the soul feel anchored and balanced in the body

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