Straight from the students...

Testimonials from Universal Kabbalah Students!

My experience of Universal Kabbalah, as taught by Dr. Theresa Ibis, was one of the most profound and rigorous spiritual/academic endeavors of my forty years on earth. With every teaching, an area of my life, hitherto unnoticed, revealed itself to me like spirit peaking through the cracks and seams of mundane reality. The sensation was one of simultaneously exploring new worlds and of coming home again and again. I would recommend this class to anyone. Absolutely anyone.
Andras J.
Radio Show Host and Creator

Dear Theresa,
Thank you again for skillfully facilitating a truly amazing, profoundly deep and transformative ascension weekend.  [By the end of this year long journey] I manifested an average of $200 per week above & beyond the goal I set for my "tangible, measurable result" at Kabbalah I.  I have transitioned from a mindset of survival to thrival.  I attribute this overflow of financial abundance largely to the foundational shifts of focus, awareness, and lifestyle that the Kabbalistic rituals and study group exercises encouraged, in combination with the powerful energetic catalysts of our initiations in class.  I now feel connected to Source, and have an abiding faith in my ability to "draw all things needful" to me - with a little help from the Tree. 
Adele J., Healer

After starting this whole process back in March of 2005 it's amazing to see the changes our class has made in 10 months. Over the weekend we had to show our tangible measurable results of reaching our goals. It was so cool to see what people had come up with. The main thing I discovered over this time period was that this is not a religion, it's a way of life. It is a self-examination tool that helps heal and overcome imbalances. Not only learning each sephira, but by integrating the energy.

I would compare this journey to climbing a mountain. After months of preparation and then the final ascension, when all is said and done you take what you've learned from your experience out into the world and share it with others.

Thank you Verla and Thersea!
Madelyn R., Healer, Massage Therapist

Kabbalah had allowed me to make some major shifts in my life. It has allowed me to know myself on deeper levels, and through that allow me to let go of things that do not serve me. I have seen that I am driven by a large amount of my own personal will. This personal will has in some ways blocked myself from hearing/seeing that which is a higher power.
Monica E., Computer Programmer, Yoga Instructor

Dear Theresa & Verla,

I wish to express my gratitude for the year long Universal Kabbalah training culminating at our final weekend, January 6-8, 2006. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to these ancient teachings. I’m humbled and honored to be considered an, “Adept,” and pursue the next evolution of our work together.

I wanted to provide you with a few thoughts about my experience thus far so you may share the success with people who are potentially looking at taking on this work. Please feel free to use any or all of these excerpts in your efforts.

The year of Kabbalah training brought forth many things beyond commonly recognized distinctions; which make’s it hard to put into a few words. I have more of a sense of self than anything, and a sense of the nature of consciousness. This is very empowering as I move through my life’s challenges.
Bennett M., Speaker, Author, Coach

The Universal Kabbalah is the quintessential spiritual system for me because it deals with the mind, body, and emotions as well as the spirit. It is a journey that deepens our self-knowledge and gives us incredibly powerful tools to manifest our purpose into the world. I truly resonate with its message that only when we live our purpose through service and love are we truly liberated and at peace.
Mavis T, Psychologist

Dear Theresa and Verla
I find it hard to sum up the years worth of transformation in a word or two. That being said though, this is the third time I have taken this course and every time I have gained so much that it has been unthinkable to pass up the opportunities to go deeper again. This is where I have come to love being human with all its beauties and hindrances.
Daniel R.

This journey up the Tree of Life has given me a way (with teaching and tools) to clarify my life's purpose and focus my intent to be all I was created to be, so I become much more ME without the blocks to my power.
Mike N.

Verla and Theresa,

You make an excellent team, and I have much trust and faith in your abilities as guides and teachers.

I have been working hard to continue the work that was begun in the Kaballah class. It seems like this is the first time in my adult life I have had the tools I really need to make healthy decisions for myself. The amount of light in my life truly has increased, I believe as a direct result of the teachings I received and the work I have done surrounding those teachings. I want to express sincere thanks to both of you.

Dear Theresa,

Thank you so much for the amazing exploration. This gift is immeasurable. It is a great honor to work with you as the catalyst to our great adventure. My soul is comforted by revealing the guarded information into my conscious mind. I am so grateful to relearn my power and return to standing in it again. It is amazing how far from the truth we can be willing to go. Your healing talents have brought me clarity that I had concealed. I could not ask for a better guide, Theresa. Thank you for leading the way for so many of us with a courage, strength, and integrity with pure love. I truly feel fortunate to be in contact with people like you and Verla, too – who work as the pioneers here for us in this modern group of lightworkers. You really embody the qualities of an excellent mentor. I can only hope that the achievements I make are a reflection for those who tread the path before me. I really look forward to this thirty-third year of my life to be the beginning of owning the knowledge I came in with and sharing these discoveries with others! See you soon!
S. M. 


I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for bringing these classes to Portland, thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, and thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, Love & Light! It has paid off. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Since I have been in Kabbalah, as much as I have transformed over the last few years, I’ve been transforming over the last few months!!! I feel so empowered and wonderful! And every time something gets thrown in my face – I deal with it, I look at it, I dissect it, meditate on it, pick it apart, & figure myself out and it’s awesome. I’ve been putting a lot of time into my practice, & the more I put into it the more I change. And so does the environment around me. I’m more realized. Kabbalah is not just a system, it is literally the path inside of me. And it’s alive ?. So thank you for bringing the teachings into my life. You Rock!!
Crystal L.

 Kabbalah is the study of self and God. It allows us the opportunity to see ourselves as god and gives us tools to stay in that energy. As I have progressed up the tree I have seen how everything in life is interconnected. It is the blueprint of ourselves, the universe and the interconnectedness of all things! It has allowed me to understand myself to the point that if I am injured or in pain I can look at the tree, find where it sits on the body, and understand what emotion or attachment has caused the physical suffering. I am then able to use the tools to address the issue. I have a deeper understanding of myself. I can work through issues much quicker than before. The year class put focus and dedication to my daily routines, allowing me to open to a deeper sense of my purpose on this planet.

Theresa and Verla are both great teachers. Something magickal happens when they team up. You know you are gaining all the knowledge your group can hold when they come together. I feel certain they took us to the level of Divine Understanding. 

Morgan M.

 Before Kabbalah it seemed to me that my life was ruled by the outside world. Now, by going up the Tree, it is as if I just got out of it, to sail and live with a totally different environment, where I am able to set my own rules and do much more for my family and the rest of the world. I was empowered many times over.

Paulo R.